We propose some basic concepts of cleaning and care that every owner should know for the proper maintenance of their Sasga Yachts Menorquin.




Did you know that regularly cleaning your boat and making correct use of specific cleaning products is essential to extend the useful life of your boat?


METALS Cleaning

Before using an aggressive product, you must thoroughly wet the deck so as not to damage the teak floor.

Once we have protected the teak, it will be convenient to use a specific metal cleaner in the appropriate proportions using a soft cloth, for example, stainless steel that we want to clean or polish.

After application and rinsing, we recommend generously washing down the boat to avoid residues of aggressive products that could attack the most delicate materials.




It is very important, when flushing the boat, to rinse the mats and subsequently ensure that they are properly dried, both on the visible face and on the base, so that moisture is not generated in the fabrics and fungi can proliferate.

A slightly deeper cleaning can be done with neutral soap (always trying to keep the teak floor covered with water) or, in the event of a slightly more persistent stain, with a specific soap for that purpose.



It is very important to use non-aggressive products on the windows of the boat, since if the rubber seal deteriorates, water could enter the interior.


We also remind you that cloths or cloths that do not scratch glass or methacrylate should be used. In no case should scouring pads be used for this purpose.



In this case, the deck floor teak and fly bridge deserve special care.

Teak caulking is extremely sensitive to chemical products (products such as non-neutral soaps, bleaches, stainless steel cleaners, etc.).

The cleaning procedure is as follows: wet the cover, apply the diluted products in the proportion specified on the container and then generously wash down the entire surface immediately afterwards.

We recommend that you do not use a brush that is too hard for cleaning, it could scratch and damage the caulking.

You should also take into account that all cleaning products should be applied in small areas, since the evaporation of the water should not be allowed and once used, it should be rinsed abundantly, as this could cause stains or could damage the laces. polyurethane.

For railings, doors and tops in natural teak there are various products on the market for color maintenance and protection. Although, at least once a year, a fine sanding should be carried out.

The varnished exterior carpentry installed on boats needs continuous maintenance and, if not done properly, can contribute to the deterioration of the protective film and, in turn, of the wood.

It is very important not to damage the varnished wood with corrosive or abrasive products. The best way to maintain the wood is to rinse with fresh water, dry with a cloth and, if possible, protect it from the sun and salt water.

The wood should be kept clean and dry as much as possible and, on the other hand, protect it from sudden changes in temperature. The latter will delay the deterioration of the wood of your boat.

Finally, the repainting time will vary according to the conditions in which the wood of your Menorquin has been exposed. It is about observing what conditions it is in, and not letting the varnish deteriorate. Observing that the varnish loses its shine, it is an indication that it needs to be sanded and varnished.


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